It's not enough to have an email list. You must use it to maximize your business profits.
From the way you capture your leads to the content of your email campaigns everything matters.
You will receive 100 free credits for List Cleaning and 10 free credits for SPAM Tests and Analysis.

There is no reason to have an email list and send email marketing campaigns if your messages are not delivered. 

Some business spends a lot of money sending thousands (even millions) of email messages to people that have no interest in their product or services. Sometimes only a very tiny percentage of the list actually receive the emails and even less open it, because usually, it goes directly to the trash.

Imagine the results your business would have if you get 30% more people reading your email messages? How about 50% more? Interested?


We can help to maximize your results on email deliverability and
achieve better results with your email interactions.
Reputation Monitoring

We constantly monitor your domains and IPs to ensure they are not in blacklists. Also, we monitor subscribers complaints and spam traps to help you to remove these "bad" e-mail address from your list. We deliver easy to read reports from Microsoft SNDS and other SNDS services from the main email providers, along with a lot of information about the email messages that you send. Improve your deliverability learning how your subscribers are reacting to your emails.

Inbox Monitoring

Know if your campaign will reach the inbox folders of the main email providers... before you send them! You can adjust the content of your campaigns and make sure that your emails are not going to get caught by spam filters. We give you a seed list for the providers where around 95% of your emails are delivered, so you can test the best way of getting into the inbox folder of your subscribers.

SPAM Tests and Analysis

Inboxpath analyzes your campaign and tells you what could lead your message to go to the SPAM folder. The analysis considers technical stuff like email authentication and sender's reputation but also subjective elements like words and phrases, among other elements that could raise a red flag by the email providers' anti-spam filters. Our tool is the only one that uses decades of experience dealing with email campaigns to analyze your campaign with this type of intelligence.

List Cleaning

Email lists usually have a lot of invalid email addresses. People make mistakes while typing their email in subscription pages, some change their email addresses, companies and email providers go out of business, etc. High rates of SPAM complaints, bounced emails, and unsubscribe requests can suspend your account on almost every email sending provider. We verify your email list to guarantee your emails are valid and working.

You will receive 100 free credits for List Cleaning and 10 free credits for SPAM Tests and Analysis.

An e-mail list with lots of invalid e-mails will put you in trouble with e-mail marketing tools, damage your domain's reputation, and give you poor results.

High rates of SPAM complaints, bounced emails, and unsubscribe requests can suspend your account on almost every email sending provider. Old or misspelled email addresses are common in email marketing lists, even the ones with double opt-in policies.

Around 25% of the emails in your email list will be invalid every year. People get new jobs, switch email providers, or just abandon old email addresses. As your list depreciates it's important to keep your list clean and free of these bad emails. This way your sender's reputation won't be affected negatively.

Usually, email marketing tools charge by the total of emails you have in your list or the volume of messages that you send. It's not a good idea to pay for invalid emails and to send messages that will never reach anyone's inbox.

It's not only about emails that don't exist anymore...

We check for a lot of things before marking an email as a good one. Is the domain valid and working? Is the email suspicious of being a spam trap? Is the email a source of spam complaints? Can we make sure that the email is really receiving messages?

If the email is operational and not marked as suspicious, then it goes to the "good" list. The "unclear" list has the emails that we couldn't verify for sure and the "complainers" list is populated with the emails from frequent spam complainers. You can use these two lists at your own risk. The "bad" list contains the emails that are not working and you would be just wasting your time and money sending messages to them.

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